Mobile Dating 9 Irresistible Flirting Tips – How To Sizzle and Dazzle the Opposite Sex

June 24th, 2007

You don’t have to be a movie star look-alike to sizzle and dazzle the opposite sex. All you need is a genuine sweet looking smile plus a few irresistible flirting tips. 1. For women, we preen or groom ourselves subconsciously when we are attracted to someone – by smoothing down our hair or clothes, checking our lipstick, or straightening a tie. Combine your grooming gesture with a smile and a gaze. You can also toss your hair to one side – a combination 1-2 punch of preening and a flash of neck. 

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2. A genuine, friendly smile is you’re most powerful. Behavior experts agree that a smile makes you more attractive and approachable. Guys, if a woman lock eyes and smiles with you three or more times in an evening, you have been given an unmistakably clear signal that she’s interested. Make your move, if you don’t, somebody else will. 3. Gaze the eyes with the person you’re flirting with for a full five to six seconds, smile and then drop your fix. Do this at least three times in a ten to fifteen-minute period. Your target needs to know you are flirting with him; making eye contact is a universal signal of openness. 

4. One of the more successful flirting techniques a woman can employ is to expose her neck. A head tilt, the classic hair flip, or the over-the-shoulder glance attracts men’s attention, exposes your neck, and gives you the opportunity to lock eyes. The over-the-shoulder move is extra-effective because it’s sexy and sends a signal to your target that they are worth a second look. 5. Members of both sexes are subconsciously attracted to red, moist lips because they signal youth, sex and fertility. Red also increases a man’s heart rate. How to capitalize on it? Wearing a red lipstick gives women’s lips not only a youthful color but also a more obvious smile and whiter teeth. Using a super-shiny lip gloss makes your lips look moist and kissable. Men or women should lick their lips subtly (you don’t want to look like you’re trying out for a porno flick) or bite the lower lip – both are extremely effective flirting behaviors. 

6. Men should stand tall with the shoulders pulled back and squared; women are biologically attracted to more dominant men. Feel free to take up some space. 7. For women, crossing and uncrossing their legs is a surefire flirting technique, especially if you’re wearing high heels. A woman crossing her legs appears seductive to men and it makes them desire to see more. Slipping the heel out of your shoe and dangling it on your toes is another trick. The arch of a foot sends a sexual message and mimics a woman’s curves, and makes a man’s heart race. 

8. Once you and your flirting target start talking, the next step is to intensify the attraction. How? Smile and maintain eye contact, focus all of your attention on what they say. No one is more attractive than someone who gives you an undivided attention. Employ the nod and head tilt techniques. Smiling and laughing are crucial at this point – it the quickly puts the other person at ease. Making low-level contact by brushing the shoulder or elbow is another effective flirting technique. 9. People mirror each other’s body language – gestures, voice volume, posture, etc when they are attracted. Very subtly mirror your flirting target’s behavior – if she leans forward, lean forward; if he scratches his head, scratch your head. When you mirror someone’s behavior, they’ll begin to feel, think and believe as though the two of you are connected.

SMS Dating Dictates its own 10 Golden Rules For Success

June 24th, 2007

Mobile and SMS text dating is becoming more and more popular, with users chatting wit each other on their cell phone, sending SMS and messages back and forth and getting matched using their hand sets. Mobile dating is the way to go. Online and offline dating agencies will soon be substituted by text dating on mobile phones. However, what most people don not realize is that only around 10% of dating site members actually establish a long-term partner on their chosen site and a whopping 70% don’t even receive one message from another member. If you follow the 10 simple steps outlined below, you too can join the 10% who find love and romance on line. 

1. Choose the right site. The boom in online dating has provided a plethora of choice for consumers but you should take a few moments to decide on the type of partner you’re looking for, not to mention the town or city where you would prefer him/her to be located. There are niche sites which cater to all sectors and general sites which welcome all comers just as there are city or country specific sites and sites with a global perspective. Choosing the right site for you is probably the most important decision you’ll make when looking for a partner on line. 

2. Choose a great username. First impressions always last and the on line identity which you give yourself is the first thing that other members will see before they check-out your profile. ‘Funny’ works, ‘cryptic’ works and you wont go far wrong even if you decide to use your own Christian name; but if you go down the smutty or sexually suggestive route, you’ll find that other members will give you a wide berth. 

3. Upload a photo. This is crucial as a significant percentage of people only search for members who have bothered to include a picture; you want to see what other members look like so it stands to reason that other people will feel the same way about you. If the only photo you have isn’t particularly flattering, you can always mention that in your profile – it’s still better than no photo at all. 

4. Complete your profile. There’s nothing more off-putting than a profile which screams “I can’t be bothered to do this properly”. If you don’t have time to complete all the categories when you are signing-up, then make the time to do so at the earliest opportunity. 

5. Be upbeat and positive. If you’re feeling a little down or lacking in confidence, now isn’t the time to say so when you’re writing a description of yourself. If you come across as confident, happy and full of fun, you’ll get much more attention than if you come across as mono-syllabic or down in the dumps. And remember, humor is a real ice-breaker and a great aphrodisiac. 

6. Widen your search criteria. If you generally go for people who have blonde hair, blue eyes and are between 5′4″ and 5′6″ and you narrow your search down to just these specifics, then you may be missing out on a great many other members who you’ll also find just as attractive. To start with, just search by gender, age and location and that way you’ll be giving yourself the widest possible choice. 

7. Don’t automatically dismiss people. If you receive a message from someone who’s profile you like but who hasn’t bothered to include a photo, you should still write back and ask them to send a picture to your regular email address. You’ll find that many people are more willing to do this than post a picture for all and sundry to look at. 

8. Use all the features on offer. Many sites provide a great deal more than just an internal emailing system. Some sites might include voice messaging whilst others enable members to chat and flirt in ‘real time’ with other members and the more you take advantage of everything that’s available to you, the more chance you have of making contact with someone special. 

9. Be proactive. Once you’ve registered and completed your profile, don’t wait for others to make contact with you. When you spot someone who you think might be a good fit with yourself, write to them and introduce yourself. And don’t just say ‘Hi, I like your profile’, tell them why you’ve written to them and point out the things that you believe you have in common. A long opening message will create a much better impression than a short, perfunctory one. 

10. Check back with the site. Most popular dating sites have new people joining all the time so remember to log-in at least once every day to view the most recent members and you can then contact anyone you like the look of before others get the chance to do so. Also, you should remember that on most sites, the members who log-in the most appear higher up the search listings than those who don’t so your profile will be easier to spot by people with whom you might be compatible. So there you have it – successful online dating is not rocket science; it just takes a bit of thought and a bit of effort and if you adhere to the 10 rules that I have outlined above, then your personal life will soon receive the kick-start it deserves!