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These reports may contain details on the decisions and recommendations that the competent bodies of said bodies have approved in relation to such compliance.

The Economic and Social Council may transmit to the Commission on Human Rights, for its study and recommendation of a general nature, or for information, as appropriate, the reports on human rights that they present to the States in accordance with articles 16 and 17, and the reports on human rights submitted by specialized agencies pursuant to article 18.

The States Parties to the present Covenant and the specialized agencies concerned may submit to the Economic and Social Council observations on any recommendation of a general nature made under article 19 or any reference to such general recommendation that appears in a report of the Commission on Human Rights. or in a document mentioned there.

The Economic and Social Council may, from time to time, present to the General Assembly reports containing general recommendations, as well as a summary of the information received from the States Parties to this Covenant and from the specialized agencies on the measures adopted and the progress made in achieving general respect for the rights recognized in the present Covenant.

The Economic and Social Council may draw the attention of other organs of the United Nations, its subsidiary organs and interested specialized agencies that are responsible for providing technical assistance, any matter arising from the reports referred to in this part of the Covenant that may serve so that said entities decide, each within their sphere of competence, on the convenience of international measures that may contribute to the effective and progressive application of this Pact.

The States Parties to this Covenant agree that the international measures designed to ensure respect for the rights recognized in this Covenant include procedures such as the conclusion of conventions, the approval of recommendations, the provision of technical assistance and the holding of regional and technical meetings, to carry out consultations and carry out studies, organized in cooperation with the governments concerned.

No provision of this Covenant shall be interpreted in detriment to the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations or of the constitutions of the specialized agencies that define the powers of the various organs of the United Nations and of the specialized agencies with regard to the matters to which referred to in the Covenant.

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