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If you want to do it, remember to book well in advance. We asked an office at the airport and they had all rented. Calculate about € 60-75 per day. By the way, if in the end you rent it, we recommend you book a taxi from the airport to the city … it will take away a few headaches! You can do it here.

37. Before going to Cuba we read in a blog that you had to pay an exit tax. Good news: there is currently nothing to pay.

40. If you are looking for beautiful beaches (there are many in Cuba) and semi deserted (there are not so many anymore) we recommend you go to Playa de las Gaviotas, at the end of Cayo Santa María. Get up early to be one of the first to arrive and get a little cabin.

42. As we already told you, we travel with our parents and we do not follow a completely backpacking budget (especially in terms of food). To give you an idea, staying will cost you about € 15-25 per double room, eating between € 0.5 and € 2-5 (depending on whether you do it at the counter or in restaurants) and transport, for us, is the most expense. expensive (especially if you move a lot and use a taxi / tourist bus). Take a look at the Viazul website to get an idea of ​​the bus ticket prices.

43. Of course, if you want to travel on a backpacking budget, you won’t have too many problems. We advise you to take a look at the blog of our dear Silvia and Carles from Uncambiodeaires.

44. Talk to Cubans, ask, question but never judge: we are simple tourists who 99% of the time little (or nothing) know about the situation they lived and live.

45. You may leave the island in love lost or somewhat confused, like us. What is going to happen is one thing: with the passage of time you will want to return, because Cuba has a soul. You may not be able to understand it at first, but it is one of those sites that hook. To all. Sooner or later you will fall asleep!

So far our tips for traveling to Cuba, if you have more questions … here we are 😉

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