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Congratulations on the web. It is very interesting and helpful. We go at the end of June for 10 days. Can you inform me of a cheap and reliable car company for the rental of a 4 × 4? Affordable accommodations?

I booked everything with Islandtours, hotels, car and some excursion. Ask them for info from the form that appears in this post and they will give you a cool excursion.

We are thinking of traveling to Iceland in July or August for 15 -20 days (depending on what the budget goes up) we travel with 3 children of 8-6-3 years, could you recommend a tour? The idea is to rent a car.

At that time and in the case of summer, do not hesitate, I recommend the circular road because you go with enough time to do it by car. In addition there are many hours of light!

Take a look at my guide to the south. You will have the northern one before you leave, since I will come back again.

I have found your post. We are thinking of traveling to iceland and we are not sure the time. We think of October. We want to see if we see the northern lights, so we ruled out going in summer, but we go with a 2-year-old child (it does in September) so because of the cold and darkness we do not want to postpone it to winter.

They can be seen in October or it is better to go in November as there are still more possibilities. The weather and the light change a lot.

If in October it is very difficult to see them and November is already very cold. You better recommend us the summer as we go with the child.

Well, October is a good time. With less light but enough to spend the day doing a lot of things and the night trying to look for the northern lights (be careful, it’s not easy).

I know many people who have seen them even in September, so in October you will not have problems. The important thing is that there is good activity and that you find it clear.

In October there are fewer people and more hotel rooms. The good thing about summer is the theme of light throughout the day. But whatever you do you will decide well 😉

Excellent article!! I am from Argentina, I plan to go to Iceland in October, around October 20, 2018 (between 5 and 6 days)

I would like to see the northern lights, I go alone so I do not dare to rent a car. Besides the auroras and the golden circle, what do you recommend?

Just this week I am preparing an excursion report on Reykjavik with at least a dozen ideas to visit in Iceland with a round trip from the Icelandic capital.

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