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These data, together with the 18 previous infections, have led the counseling to confine the center.

“The origin of the infections is unknown,” say school sources who, however, do rule out that it has to do with an event or concentration in the facilities as “they are prohibited from the beginning of the course.”

“We are sure that this episode will serve to raise public awareness that safety and hygiene standards must be complied with,” says the center’s management, which has sent a message of reassurance to the university community.

The Ausias March residence hall is the second closed in Valencia after the Galileo Galilei outbreak, where more than 160 positives were detected after an illegal party.

The current state of alarm in Spain, decreed to curb infections, presents some differences with respect to the one applied in the first months of the year.

A group of deniers has staged riots in Vitoria to protest the restrictions adopted by the authorities to stop the expansion of coronavirus infections in the country.

The Ertzaintza has had to carry out charges in the area of ​​the Parliament and the Treasury delegation of the Basque city and, in addition, has identified several protesters, according to sources from the Basque Department of Security.

In addition, the Parliament of the capital of Álava has been painted by the protesters, according to the EFE agency.

Two young people, one of them a minor, have been released after being arrested after the riots that occurred last night, October 30, in the Gamonal neighborhood (Burgos), after having been brought to justice during the day today, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ).

The individual of legal age has passed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction 2 of Burgos. Once his hearing is over, he has been released, although he will be investigated for an attack on the authority by refusing to be arrested. The procedure followed with the minor has been the same after being made available to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The protest in which they were arrested took place in the Burgos neighborhood of Gamonal, where containers were burned and urban furniture was destroyed as a result of the curfew imposed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Castilla y León.

The protesters, who blocked Vitoria street, shouted slogans against the restrictions while burning containers. The residents of the neighborhood recorded the images from their homes and complained about what was happening.

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