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Next we will tell you the best tips to be able to get pregnant with a child, both those that are scientifically verifiable, and those that have emerged thanks to popular practice.

This worldwide known and famous for its effectiveness, not only helps couples achieve high levels of probability to conceive girls, but is also equally effective for conceiving boys. This method teaches to take into account the life of the sperm inside the female uterus, which is longer for X sperm and shorter for Y sperm.

This is due to the discovery that these sperm are smaller, fragile and lighter, therefore they are faster and can conceive the ovum on the peak day of female fertility. But they also have a greater sensitivity to the vaginal environment, so that, at the minimum change in temperature or Ph, they can die even more quickly.

To ensure the conception of a child, according to the Shettles method, sexual intercourse must be had just on the day of ovulation or 24 hours after this, in this way, the Y sperm, which are the fastest, can successfully fertilize the Ovum.

This method, also known for helping couples be more successful conceiving girls, can also guarantee the conception of boys with perhaps even a higher success rate. The Billings method is about knowing how to analyze vaginal secretions to determine the best time for conception.

How do you do it? Very simple, each vaginal discharge, also known as cervical mucus, has a certain texture at each stage of the female menstrual cycle. Being thicker on rest days and becoming more liquid when ovulation approaches. It is thus a natural bodily alert of the female organism. In this way you can determine which is the best day to have sex.

It is recommended to do this method at least one or two menstrual periods before, so you can familiarize yourself and analyze the changes in your vaginal secretions. Remember that your signal is when the flow becomes more liquid, which is where ovulation begins and is the most favorable point to get pregnant with a boy.

The day of ovulation has to become your main ally when conceiving a child because, as we mentioned previously, the Y sperm are faster and must take advantage of the moment of the fertile peak to fertilize the ovum or maximum 24 hours after this day is of.

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