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The opposition phase will consist of the following eliminatory tests, in the order in which they are established in each call:

The time of service provided as an official of said Corps will be considered as a merit for admission by the free opposition system in the Executive Scale of the National Police, which will be valued, during the opposition phase, to those who exceed this , with the score set out below, which will be incorporated into the final sum of that obtained in the tests carried out:

In the event that in the same year two categories have been held, the one with the highest score will be taken into account.

The time of service rendered in the Armed Forces as a complementary soldier, as a professional soldier of the troop or sailor, or as a voluntary reservist will be considered a merit for entering the National Police as specified:

For the calculation of the merits for the services provided as an official of the National Police, in the Armed Forces and for having held the status of high-level athlete, the last day of the deadline for submission of the applications for admission to the process.

Given the selective nature of the training courses, as well as the job training modules of the selection processes for entry into the National Police, and taking into account the due protection of maternity and paternity, the applicants who are in the situation of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum or lactation, and applicants who have to enjoy the permission of the parent other than the biological mother by birth, guardianship for the purposes of adoption, foster care or adoption of a son or daughter or the lactation permit, they must document such situations, resulting in application, for the development of the aforementioned phases of the professional training course and / or the training module in the workplace, the measures established or that may be established in this regard by the General directorate of police. In these cases, the escalation will take place in their promotion and in the order that would have corresponded according to the score obtained.

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