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dating advice for men

The formal marriage proposal must be made between 6 and 3 months before the wedding. If there is any other engagement party, it must be after the one held by the parents.

Since it is a formal event, men should wear dark suits and women in cocktail dresses. It is a special moment and therefore we will have to dress special.

For a traditional party (that is, one given by the bride’s parents), both families must be invited to lunch or dinner, either at home (it is advisable to hire a catering) or in a restaurant, where the menu will be simple but of quality .

As a general rule, they should not go more than the direct relatives: parents and siblings. Depending on the space in which it is held, at the end the close friends of the couple may join, as well as cousins, nephews and uncles.

The most conservative protocol says that this must be done before serving the meal, being his father who must ask her father for his hand, while the exchange of gifts must wait until dessert.

It’s no surprise that traditional gifts are a watch for the groom and an engagement ring for the bride. However, there are more options, such as a bracelet or other jewelry for her and a tie clip, cufflinks, or other collectibles for him.

After the gifts, the bride announces the wedding date and the father will make a toast to the happiness and prosperity of the couple. So sweet!

It is a tradition for the groom to send a bouquet of white roses (meaning purity) to the bride on the day of the engagement, also considering a nice detail to also send a simpler bouquet to the future mother-in-law.

In these cases, it is a private event, usually secret, and it is a great surprise for a member of the couple. Even more and more, it is more common for the bride to be the one who dares to ask her future husband’s hand. Up the brave ones!

Taking into account that only the one who is going to declare knows, any moment is a good time to jump. But without a doubt, the most marked dates for this type of request are usually anniversaries, Christmases or birthdays. What better gift than that?

Absolutely. And while they may both be prettier than usual that day because they thought they were going on a romantic date, most mortals are caught off guard. Y

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