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What a pleasure to read you!

What is nice is reading comments like yours! OlĂ©! Thank you very much for reading us and letting you see here 😉

You can tell me, I get the visa and they give it to me for 30 days but I go for 38 days if it is easy for them to renew it

Hello Monica. We are not sure, but from what we have read in various forums, you have the possibility of extending the visa for another 30 days once you are in Cuba, it is done at the Offices of the Directorate of Immigration and Aliens where you want to stay, or in the National (here you see all the offices). We have taken the info from this website. A greeting!!

If all goes well, I will go to HolguĂ­n in April and I am very excited. Any special advice?

Thank you for your comment Luisa. The clothes, as light as you can! Also take some waterproof clothing for possible rains, and perhaps if you visit a mountain area something long-sleeved … but for the rest, summer clothes. A hug!

Hi, I loved the bloog. I am from Argentina and with my husband we are planning our trip to Cuba. But we want to have contact with the people. That is why we are refusing companies. My question is how do you get houses to rent?

Hello! We made a reservation through Airbnb, although you can also go without a reservation, there are many private houses that have the license to rent rooms to tourists, you have to look at the facade of the houses where there is a blue sign. Surely if you talk to people they all know people who rent, it is very normal for them. A hug and happy journey!

Hello, I am writing to you from Uruguay, in July we want to travel to Cuba so I thank you if you can tell me how to travel from Havana to Varadero, Cayo Santa MarĂ­a and to any of the places you recommend to go, we want to go for 15 days, spmos 4, 3 adults and a 10 year old child.

Hi Claudia. There are three options: by bus, with the viazul tourist agency (you can book tickets online), with a private taxi driver that you will have to find and negotiate there, or sharing larger taxis, that you will also have to search directly there. Greetings and happy travels!

I am Cuban and I live in Cuba. I would like to help any traveler who comes to know my country. I had the opportunity for 3 months to manage and attend a private house in Trinidad. It was great meeting and talking with people from other cultures and customs. It almost always saddened me when I said goodbye to my guests … I feel the desire to help those who have few resources to travel to Cuba. Maybe I can help them earn money here while they travel, or by helping them sell second-hand items they bring, or I can find them free or very cheap food, transportation and lodging.

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