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This bird flees from its nesting place especially when dogs approach, considering them as predators. The scientist highlights the need to regulate the entry of pets to the beaches to ensure the conservation of these birds.

The article seems technically well documented, but the speculation or analysis seems to me that it raises doubts that the descent was not by the runner, the studies do not seem conclusive enough to prove it, only speculation, even more so when there is no genetic evidence from other landing sites and it seems unreasonable that they would have reached further south without sufficient means of navigation, except for very isolated arrivals

There are findings and studies in Monte Verde, Chile, before the Clovis. Also, recently there has been talk of some findings in Uruguay and Brazil (I have no further information regarding them).

1500 km without resources is an unviable terrain for life. That is a more than conclusive proof what the DNA studies done reveal. Added that to date no evidence of human occupation of that age has been found in that specific region, it results that the arrival in America is older than established and that it was carried out by other geographical means.

Precisely what genetic tests show is that this corridor was inhospitable, without vegetation or other animals, at the time when it was supposed to have been crossed by humans. There is no speculation on this conclusion.

It seems to me that it doesn’t take into account the Monte Verde finds to begin with and neither does human nature.

Under that reasoning much of the history of humanity could not have been due to difficulties.

The truth is, I think the DNA process and the analysis that can accompany it are interesting, but the conclusions sound whimsical to me.

because always always the inhabitants of these American lands have to come from Europe or Asia if before the continents were united it was a single land mass and there were people in all that land mass, and the inhabitants of the three americas already existed, because So much confusion because if they were already there, they would have to look for how all the people were mixed there are studies in Brazil human skeletons compatible with Africans by the size of the same time as those found in Brazil. I am Argentine

All the continents were not always united Daniel, and like it or not we are all African by birth. No human evolved by spontaneous generation in America or Asia.

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