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According to this chain, Honjo claims to have worked for 4 years in the Wuhan (China) laboratory. It’s a hoax. We explain it here.

You have asked us about an alleged trial carried out in Ecuador that claims that chlorine dioxide or CDS is “an effective alternative” for the treatment of COVID-19. This document has not undergone any review and has multiple limitations: not all participants have been diagnosed with COVID-19, there is no control group, there are no tests to confirm that they are cured, and claims about the properties of CDS are not justify. In addition, consuming this substance can be dangerous, as we already explained here. We tell you what we know about it. You can read more in this article.

A message is circulating in which it is said that according to the BOE, the responsibility for residences during the COVID-19 crisis was the Government. Specifically, reference is made to the ministerial order SND / 322/2020 issued by the Ministry of Health and published on April 4 in the BOE. It’s a hoax. You can read it here.

A message is being shared through social networks accompanied by a photo of a poster from the Government delegation in Navarra that says “international vaccination center.” According to the message circulating, “they are beginning to place these ‘International Vaccination’ posters in government delegations, it will be the protocol of the new normal” after the coronavirus quarantine. He also says that the virus “was only an excuse to get us an mRNA vaccine (genetic software) synchronized to a digital identity.” It is a hoax that we tell you here.

You have asked us about different publications like this or this one that affirm that while the showers on the beaches and the fountains in the parks do not work because the push buttons are a source of contagion, the parking meters are working. You can read our article here.

An image of a building with Spanish flags hanging from each of its balconies and windows is being viralized again, as a protest against the Government’s management in the face of the coronavirus crisis. The text that accompanies the image places it in Valencia. But it is a hoax. The building is in Albacete and the image is a photographic montage with which the flags have been added. You can read more here.

Three videos have been viralized in which a group of national police officers is seen inside a house and one of the people inside asking for the police to leave the apartment. Along with the video there are messages that affirm that the National Police intervened because of a pan or because the anthem of Spain sounded.

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