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Forecasters believe the sun and humidity could decimate COVID-19. The increase in ultraviolet radiation, due to the increase in the hours of sunshine, makes viruses such as influenza less stable html

Apyme Vegas Altas-La Serena has announced the decision to postpone until a new date, the ‘II Active Encounters, Extremadura in Positive’ that were going to be held on March 26 with the presence of Luis Expósito and former coach Vicente del Bosque.

José María Vergeles: “The situation in Extremadura has not changed with regard to the community transmission of the coronavirus.” The Minister of Health has said that the number of cases has risen, we have a total of 19 accumulated cases, that is, 9 new cases. There have been three discharges and one deceased.

Six of the new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Extremadura are related to the woman from Arroyo de la Luz who died yesterday and the excursion made from the town to Seville. The Board therefore orders that the funeral be carried out in the “strictest privacy” to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, after the history of infections at funerals in the Basque Country and La Rioja. The Minister of Health has clarified that the body does not transmit the virus.

For now, classes are not suspended in Extremadura. Vergeles sends a message of tranquility to teachers and says that for now the schools are still open. “It is not appropriate to suspend education in a region where there is no community transmission.”

The seven new cases detected in Arroyo de la Luz are people who were infected on the excursion to Seville or through close contact with the deceased.

It involves two men and four women. Four workers at the Arroyo de la Luz nursing home have tested positive.

The restriction of entry to the United States for European citizens cancels the trip to New York for 8 days of at least 60 Extremadura for Easter.

False message that many Extremadurans are receiving on WhatsApp. “Possible case of coronavirus in Don Benito, investigate by the Pilar Street Medical Center, the” tests “have been done today.” It is false and the mayor of Don Benito has insisted this morning that there is no confirmed case in the Don Benito-Villanueva Health area.

Board of Directors held today in Mérida, has decided to postpone the celebration of the Female Artistic and Male Artistic competition that was scheduled to be held next weekend (March 14 and 15) in the Ciudad Deportiva de Mérida. C

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