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If you don’t speak Spanish, we can talk in English. Look for me on facebook.

“Do not forget to show hospitality, because for it some, without knowing it, hosted angels.” (Hebrews 13: 2)

Hello! Yes, Cuba is a very safe country. However, it carries the normal precautions that are taken on every trip and in every place in the world. Cheers

Hello! Thank you for your wise advice. I have loved reading them. I was there in February and they have made me remember great moments. If I could come back right now, hehe. For what it’s worth, I leave you this other private house site:, it helped me a lot. Greetings 🙂

Very good advice, I just wanted to correct a small error in point 9), I believe that the year that the Revolution achieved its objective was in the year 59 and not the 53.

You are absolutely right, 53 was the year it started. Corrected! Many thanks!!

We are about to travel to Cuba in a few days, and we are informing ourselves as much as possible and your page is very good. I’m about to download the application of maps that you recommend and it gives me a warning on my cell phone, is that common? Sorry but I’m not very computer science.

Hi Roxana. What kind of warning is it? We have always used it on different mobiles and without problems 😉 Greetings and thanks for reading!

Hi. I travel if God wants to Cuba in November, my question is the following, well I have several, I would like to bring medicine, to help the Cuban people a little, I have read that they can carry up to ten kilos as long as it is billed separately. RIGHT?

And the other is, if I take my mobile, I travel from Spain, is it better to buy another card?

Greetings from Costa Rica, I am planning a trip to Cuba soon and I love this note. I would like to ask you if you think it is a good destination to travel alone? Are Hostels and places to make new friends? Thank you so much

Hello Irene. In Cuba the most affordable accommodation is usually in private homes. The possibilities of meeting other travelers in these accommodations are less (they have few rooms), but without a doubt Cuba is a great country to travel alone. As soon as you take a tour of the place where you are, you will see many independent travelers. It is also very safe and the people are wonderful. A hug and happy journey!

Hello isbael. Well, the truth is that the trip to Cuba was weird, because first we did it with Lety’s parents, then Rober’s parents arrived, the 6 of us were there, then 4 … anyway … in terms of budget we couldn’t tell you, for a trip of two.

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