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In short, do not think of giving a parachute jump when you know that you would be excited but the bride would never even dare to get on a plane.

If you are organizing the farewell and you do not know their tastes well, try to meet with family and closest friends to learn a little more about what they would like to do and especially what they would never do.

If you have doubts, it is better to ask her directly, sometimes surprises are good but other times they are not and we may find ourselves with an unpleasant surprise. I can tell you about cases of boys who have always hesitated with the intention of doing a risky activity but then when it comes down to it they don’t want to do it. In these cases… it is better to ask. It can happen that you spend a lot of money and then the boyfriend or girlfriend refuse to do the activity.

Surely not and surely that the boyfriend or girlfriend of the farewell loves that all his friends can attend but not only those you know but those with whom he spent the summer in Alpedrete or with whom he went hunting on Sundays or the friends of the Aerobics class that also attends the wedding but that you only saw once.

In short, take your time, go to the bride and groom’s house, ask them directly which friends or friends want to come to your farewell, ask them for the phone, email and everything you need to have a frequent way of contact. Remember that putting everyone in agreement costs time and money and we must simplify this task as much as possible.

If all of the above is complicated, imagine that you also had to take care of renting a room, preparing a dinner, buying decoration, looking for a performance, hiring a coach, coordinating everything so that it left on time … You could become very, very crazy or crazy.

My best advice is to hire a good farewell and party agency, and I am not telling you this because I dedicate myself to it, I also tell you from my personal experience. There is no doubt that I would tell you that my agency is the best for this or that but I have to tell you that there are many very very good agencies and many very very bad.

If you hire a very very bad agency, you will probably not repeat it again and decide to organize the farewell on your own even if it costs you more work and suffering, but if you hire a very very good agency, you will surely want to always repeat that way. Many friends, the first thing they asked me was… But if I contract with you, will it cost me more? And he always answered them the same … “If you see it cheaper, I’ll give you back your signal.”

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