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Furthermore, the Presidency of the Government denies that Sánchez has crossed the bridge in Doñana.

Some photos of Isabel Celaá, Minister of Education and FP, have been viralized inside a plane indicating that she is traveling to Bilbao from Madrid on October 9, the day on which the State of alarm was decreed. She is Isabel Celaá and she was traveling to Bilbao, the Ministry of Education confirms this, stating that “she has gone for medical reasons” and that “she has had an indisposition.

The hoax from Greater Wyoming eating in Cádiz with the Minister of Justice. A photo moves in which it is indicated that Greater Wyoming is eating in a restaurant in Cádiz with the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, it is a hoax. The photo is real but the person who is designated as the Minister of Justice is actually the former soccer player Miguel Pardeza who participates with Greater Wyoming in the Binenestar Congresses that are held in Cádiz. Both from El Intermedio and the Ministry of Justice affirm that the minister is not the person who eats with Greater Wyoming.

A photo has been disseminated on social networks in which Greater Wyoming, presenter of the program El Intermedio de La Sexta, is pointed out for allegedly having caught a train at 11:00 today to leave from Madrid to Cádiz. It is true that the person who appears in the photo at the Atocha train station (Madrid) is Greater Wyoming, as confirmed by El Intermedio, but he was heading to Cádiz to participate in a work event.

You asked us about an article by Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet, published in the journal itself in September 2020 and titled Offline: COVID-19 is not a pandemic.

Many people have taken this title out of context, relating it to an alleged denialist stance of the magazine, but it is not so: what Horton really exposes is that the health crisis due to COVID-19 goes beyond a “mere” pandemic, calling it a syndemic, the sum of two or more epidemics or disease outbreaks. In this case, in reference to diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, chronic cardiovascular and respiratory diseases or cancer.

The Argentine media infobae has published a content entitled ‘The WHO now asked to avoid quarantines as the main method to control the advance of the coronavirus’. It is a hoax: the statements of a member of the WHO referred to the confinement and the organization has not changed its position on the confinements.

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