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Private Hatem Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Serap BOZDOĞAN and Intensive Care Staff, Hatem Hospital General Manager Dr. Halil BOYUNSUZ, Chief Physician Dr. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Sermet KİLECİ, Hospital Manager and Matron.

For about 7 years, I have been examined in many departments of the hospital such as internal diseases, internal diseases, gynecology, pediatrics, and I have been treated, I have been satisfied with the attention and the treatments given during this period, including the emergency service, therefore, all hospital staff. I would like to convey my endless thanks with my best regards. Dear Dr. HALİL BOYUNSUZ, I would like to thank you separately.

Our esteemed teacher, Dr. I would like to thank Nazire ÖZTÜRK and the Gynecology Polyclinic Midwife, Nurse and other assistant personnel who mobilized with her entire team during the birth. Dr. I strongly recommend Nazire ÖZTÜRK.

Hello.I have two sons, both of them are the advocates of the hatem hospital, I took my little son to the hatem emergency from high fever on 02.07.2017.Your emergency personnel named burak were so interested in my son that I appreciated it that I took my older son to the same person on 10 .07 .2017. and even my friend named Burak was so interested that even my son thanked you for helping such a great staff, first of all, I would like to thank your institution from the heart and soul.

I would like to thank my doctor, Mr. Nazan ÖZDEMİR, who took good care of me during the pregnancy, shared his knowledge and experiences with me at every stage, and took extra care during my birth.

Mr. Yilmaz Genco and his nurse Derya Hanim always greeted me with their smiling and abundant energy. There is no need to even discuss the quality of medicine. I wouldn’t have come all the way out of Adana otherwise. Thank you very much for their interest. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Mr. Yilmaz and Mrs. Derya. Your trust and attention is worth everything

I would like to thank Dr. Dr. Kazım very much, my Lord, who is very sincere and genial for his interest and attitude and has an expert knowledge in his field, but I recommend it to everyone.

I would like to thank Mehmet KURT, laboratory technician, Nurbanu ATEŞ, and all his teammates for their regular and devoted work.

Kadir Akkoç orhan Ayhan Oktay Günebakan Hanifi Aydın who works in hatem general intensive care care of our patients as if they looked after our patients like their families, God bless our eyes will not stay behind as long as they are good children who work like that. regards, love and good evening.

I had facial paralysis 22 days ago and went to the hatem hospital for the first time … I was amazed by the attention, care and meticulousness at the hospital.

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